Curriculum Vitae - Jean-Marc Vanel

Semantic Web, rule based programming, XML, Object Oriented programming, Graphical User Interface, e-commerce, biology, numerical algorithms, computational fluid dynamics.

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French nationality, Married, 4 children

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2009 - present: Creator of a software company : Déductions SARL

We offer: consulting, training, and tools for sustainable, rigourous, multi-platforms and quicker software development, leveraging on innovative blend of Semantic Web and Artificial Intelligence Technologies: Drools, ATTEMPTO, EulerGUI, Apache Jena, Protégé, Neo4J, etc.

Our OSS projects and personal skills, competence and academic network.

2006-2008: senior developer

MathWorks, editor of the MatLab and Simulink scientific software, is perhaps the number one of the sector.

2002-09-01 - 2006 : Independant consultant - training

2003-04 : realization of a GUI for a simulation environment for electronics; development of an XML adaptor for JGraph library; Web server and XML database with Cocoon and eXist.

Training sessions, standard or customized on following subjects :
Detailed offerings : conseil : :

2001-09-01 – 2002-07-30 : Senior Consultant

Information et Document makes consulting about Information Systems architecture and is specialized in the application of new WEB technologies (Internet and Intranet), document and knowledge management .

2000-12-18 - ... :  R&D and industrial catalogs  was a market place for  industrial equipments.

I developed techniques to manage e-catalogs before publication on Oracle Exchange. Technologies : Perl, XSLT, Makefile, Cygnus Cygwin bash, WinCVS, Apache Jakarta Tomcat, etc

2000-09-04 - 2000-11-03 : Consulting and training

Business Design Consulting   Consulancy about XML and Java technologies .

1998-2000 : Development Engineer

EFFIX, a division of Reuters, making systems for the bank people

1994-1997: Engineer, department Systèmes Dynamiques et Automatique -

Simulog, Guyancourt 78286 France, a society specialized in scientific software.

1989-1994: Engineer - Fluid Mechanics department

Simulog, Guyancourt

1988-1989: Engineer SEDI (Neuilly)

Case studies and development with the N3S software for Fluid Mechanics for EDF - DER - Chatou

1981-1983: teacher of math. and physics

secondary school 


1975 - 1981: Ecole Normale Supérieure de l’Enseignement Technique - Mathematics section

1984-1988: Thesis at the University of Nice in Computational Fluid Dynamics Languages: English, German (fluent); Polish and Spanish (notions). 


Semantic Web
Design of vocabularies and OWL ontologies, Linked Open Data (LOD)
Notation3(N3), OWL, RDF, SWRL, SPARQL, Protégé, API (Jena, OWL API, EulerGUI, Banana-RDF),
SPARQL databases: Jena TDB, BigData(R)
Semantization tools: DataLift, Web Karma, EulerGUI

Information System
     MDM (Master Data Management), semantic urbanization of data and applications

Business rules (BRMS)
Drools, ATTEMPTO, Notation3 (N3), Euler, Fuxi,
Artificial Intelligence
Prolog, First order logic, Constraint Logic Programming, CHR
Software tools
Maven, Jemmy(functionnal GUI tests), SBT, Subversion, Git, CVS
Extensive expertise in XSLT, XML Schema, CSS, DHTML, Javascript
Programming experience with XML parsers: Xerces, expat
Programming Languages:
Scala, Java, Prolog, C/C++, Visual Basic, Fortran 77/90, Tcl and shells, Ada, Pascal, Eiffel
Software Engineering:
OWL ontologies, UML, OMT, Jacobson, Meyer, Design Patterns.
Linux, Silicon Graphics, HP, Cray and Sun under UNIX, PC/Windows
Java Swing, Apache Wicket, TCL/TK, MFC, Visual Basic
Numerical analysis:
solving PDE: finite elements, finite volume, spectral methods ; dynamical systems and solving ordinary differential equations, stability and perturbations, optimisation.
Physical modelisation:
fluid dynamics, structure dynamics, statistical and quantic mechanics (licence of physics).


Botany (collection of rare plants, in relation with botanical gardens, hypertext document describing collection), music, litterature, economy.