Me and VIM
Jean-Marc Vanel
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I have been using vim for years (and vi before !), and for quite long periods (X)emacs. But now GVim is my all-purpose editor (on Linux and Windows). The syntaxes for highlight, and the highlight of all occurences of a search pattern, these alone, would justify the use of vim.
Otherwise for Java I use Eclipse, for HTML mozilla or Amaya, and for the small quantity of that stuff I do,

Here is my .vimrc . Among many others, these tips can be found on the vim site.

My first attempt at a Vim syntax is a syntax for XQuery . I inherit from the XML syntax, and add the keywords, and borrow some things from C syntax. Here is how XQuery looks like in VIM.

XQuery is hybrid syntax with XML inside instructions, and the converse, and lists à la Lisp everywhere. There are XML comments, and XQuery comments.

Last modifications:

date: 2005/07/12 16:05:24;  author: jmv;  state: Exp;  lines: +36 -9
update to latest XQuery spec.
QName for variable identifier
add XQuery functions ans operators
don't highlight numbers inside identifiers

To activate the syntax on Linux you have to:
To activate the syntax on Windows 2000 I did this :
Here is a small Lex program I used to extract all keywords out of the EBNF of XQuery.