Jean-Marc Vanel

Consulting, training, software developments

Currently available for consulting services

Technology domains

Software development, expert systems, Artificial Intelligence, Semantic Web, model, rules and ontology based development.

Service provided

Consulting, developments, training for Open Source development tools mixing Artificial Intelligence and traditional platforms.

Euler GUI is an Open Source development environment for ontologies and AI ( EulerGUI manual ).

Competitive edge

In these times when the costs are looked at, we propose methods more sparing in human resources, with several other advantages: more intuitive and user friendly, maximum re-use of standards from Open Source, separation of rules and the business model,

Respect of the customer, in particular not blocking him in a proprietary and un-documented format; we use N3 of the W3C (Notation 3), for data, models and rules, and provide a translation of his specifications in Natural Language.

My CV in english - Mon CV en HTML

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